Governments are starting to talk about exiting lockdown. But, what about your lockdown exit strategy? I am not talking about the essentials of mask wearing and avoiding gatherings. I am talking about what life you decide to go back to in the coming weeks and months.

Notice it

Coronavirus has allowed many of us to experience a natural lifestyle experiment of sorts. The opportunity to notice how unplanned changes have impacted how we feel in our lives. And, noticing is fundamental here. How has life changed for you personally? And, how have these changes impacted the quality of your life?

For example, what has home working and a break from a traditional work setting been like for you? Are you relieved to be physically distant from your colleagues or do you miss them? Perhaps, you have had far too many video calls and not enough exercise? Maybe lockdown has been a real opportunity to read more and to enjoy more time with your family? You might even have got more work done in far fewer hours!

Your answers will contain important information. Notice it. Notice what really matters to you, so you can nurture it.

Fundamental questions

And, what about your consumption habits, be it the essentials of food or otherwise? For example, is your food reliant on fragile global supply chains or is it local? Is it even possible to go local?

Going further, what about the very focus of your life? Is it caught-up in growing debt-fuelled consumerism or does it favour simplicity? If the former, what are you chasing after really?

Does a more expensive lifestyle really bring happiness or does it actually make you more fragile? Fragile with a higher cost base that you are forced to service in hard times?

Is it possible to have more with less?


Remember that even being in the position to consider all this makes you lucky. Many on the frontline are giving everything and barely have time for a break. Still others have had their livelihoods destroyed. They do not have this luxury — their struggle is day to day.

It is then crucial to consider how we can each personally support the creation of a system that is fair and non-exploitative. What actions, no matter how small, can we each take in support of this? And, perhaps it all begins with an intention.

Your lockdown exit strategy

If there was ever a time to implement change, it is now. Being cooped up at home may not be easy, but try and notice what has improved in your life? What have you become aware of that needs to change? Include these in your lockdown exit strategy. Natural change opportunities like this are rare.

Don’t waste it.


life coaching londonHarsha is a 1:1 coach and independent thinker based in London. He empowers people to find more clarity, confidence and focus in their lives — to cut through the noise, in a world so full of it. Harsha’s new book, Machine Ego: Tragedy of the Modern Mind, is now available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon.