Executive Coaching in London
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executive coaching london

Executive Coaching in London

For over 6 years I have been supporting people to grow through life and executive coaching in London. I know what it’s like to navigate stressful and intense business environments because I have first-hand experience being in them. I seek to dig deep to use all my knowledge and experience to support you navigate your challenges in the workplace. 

What is executive coaching anyway? 

Executive coaching aims to enable behavioural insights that lead to better performance at work. It is about supporting you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself within your organisational role. Deeper understanding that reveals blind spots, better navigates challenges and builds-on your strengths. 

Common topics that people bring to executive coaching include:

  • Developing authentic leadership
  • Navigating complexity and change
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Bringing the best out in a team
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Promotions and career transitions
  • Dealing with stress and burnout
  • Improving communication 

Hear directly from others about how executive coaching has benefited them.

I have had multiple sessions with Harsha both on personal leadership (letting go of the past, and goal setting) as well as professional development (being more assertive). The way that he works and the questions he asks have helped me find insights about myself that I may not have been able to do otherwise. 

Priyanka Gupta

Head of Corporate Development and M&A, De La Rue

Coaching that goes further

The common trap that executive coaching falls into, is in having too narrow a lens. The focus becomes ONLY the workplace and very natural connections to life outside of work missed. For, work and life outside of work are very closely related, and they must be considered together.

For example, difficulties in how you manage your team may relate to behavioural patterns that originate in your personal life. Patterns that you have been repeating with your family and friends for years. Executive coaching that does not allow such understanding to emerge misses the mark entirely. That is why the coaching I offer has a broader stance to it. We can focus in on the workplace, but we must also be open to important connections outside of it.

The reality is that what people generally call ‘executive coaching’ can become a straitjacket that is obsessed with the world of suits and ties. The best results often come from coaching that is able to move into the related areas of life coaching and mentoring, where relevant. At least, that has been my experience. You may read about the differences between executive coaching, life coaching and mentoring here. 

Conflicts of interest 

I am very wary of organisations trying to use coaching to manipulate their employees. This is an unavoidable conflict of interest that all coaches face. Getting repeated coaching business from the same firm will create an obligation towards the firm, unconsciously if not consciously. My preference is to work with self-paying executive coaching clients. In the event that coaching is paid for by your company, I am quite happy to incorporate their goals into the coaching. After all, they are paying for it and it is only fair that their input receives consideration. Ultimately, however, the sessions will be led by what YOU want.  

My goal is to empower people, not be in cahoots with organisations at the expense of the coachee, even by accident. My philosophy is that empowering people automatically empowers the organisation and wider society. And, that includes whether the individual decides to stay or leave the firm. For, I am a strong believer in us each finding our own path in life. 

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