Team coaching with the whole system in mind

team coaching

Systemic Team Coaching

What do we mean by systemic?

A system could be described as a set of interconnected and interacting elements that together constitute a ‘whole’. Systemic team coaching is about coaching with a focus on the multiple interdependent systems that any team will inevitably be part of.

The elements within a given system could be numerous; ranging from individuals and their respective teams, to customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies. As such, the boundaries of a given system could be defined using varying degrees of inclusiveness (e.g. leadership team, company division, industry).  There will then naturally be systems within systems. The team itself constitutes a complex relationship system of individuals that have come together from varied walks of life.

team coaching
team coaching

Why the focus on systems?

Teams and organisations will constantly be subject to both visible and invisible forces that will have an impact on their functioning. A systemic perspective to team coaching allows the uncovering and addressing of such forces, so as to enable the team to operate more effectively.

Effective functioning is born out of clearly understanding the whole system, which includes the interaction between internal team dynamics and external systemic influences. For example, internal conflict can often be the result of external (yet unacknowledged) pressures.

In this together

My goal as team coach would be to empower the team to develop a strong sense of shared purpose and shared leadership, where team members hold each other mutually accountable for what they deliver. In addition to being coached together as the team, a team coaching assignment might also include one-to-one coaching and offsite sessions, depending on what the team is seeking to achieve.