Team coaching with the whole system in mind

team coaching

Systemic team coaching

A system could be described as a set of interconnected parts that together form a ‘whole’. Systemic team coaching is then about coaching with a focus on the many systems that any team will naturally be part of.

The parts within a given system could range from individuals and their teams, to customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies. As such, the boundaries of a given system will have different levels of inclusiveness (e.g. leadership team, sales division).  And, sometimes, where these boundaries lie is not always clear. There will then naturally be systems within systems. The team is itself a complex group of people that have come together from different walks of life, thus forming a relationship system of different skills, experiences, hopes and dreams.

team coaching
team coaching

Why the focus on systems?

Teams will always be subject to both visible and invisible forces that impact how they work. And, these are often in flux. A systemic approach to team coaching allows you to better see such forces, so that they may be fully considered. High team performance is then often born out of clearly understanding what is going on in the overall system. And, this includes the interaction between internal team dynamics and external influences. For example, conflict within the team can often be the result of external (yet unseen) pressures.

In this together

My aim as team coach would be to empower the team to find a strong sense of shared purpose and shared leadership. And, I seek to draw upon all my professional and personal experiences in this. In addition to being coached together as the team, the work might also include 1:1 executive and life coaching and offsite sessions. The specifics would depend on what the team’s goals are. And, I will work together with the sponsor to develop a coaching programme that is relevant and focused, and that gives everyone within the team a voice.

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