Incisive coaching to give you clarity,
confidence and focus

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Executive and life coaching

I am an executive and life coach based in London. My aim is to empower you to find meaning and fulfilment in life and in work. To help you unlock your true potential by breaking free of the limiting beliefs and narratives that hold you back. The coaching I provide is fundamentally about accessing an inner state — a state of clarity, confidence and focus. What I offer, above all else, is the opportunity to cut through the noise, in a world that is so full of it.  A world that so often tells us that we are not good enough. A world of external validation that puts ‘success’ outside of us, when true success comes from within. 

I’ll give everything. Will you?

My holistic approach to coaching draws upon all my life experiences and skills — as a professional investor, musician, martial arts practitioner, entrepreneur, certified coach, family constellator and general seeker of the ‘truth’. My goal is to use my whole-being to help you make the best of yourself. I strongly believe in the vast human potential that is in all of us. And, experience has shown me that personal change can be quick. That is why I offer 1:1 executive coaching and life coaching to those who dare to look deeperBook a free consultation to find out more.

“Harsha helped me gain the confidence to leave the career I was unhappy with and gave me the courage to start my own business. He is very true to his word and gives it to you the way it is.

I recommend Harsha to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their life.”

Jacob Reyf, Founder,

“Harsha is an outstanding coach. His work is profoundly human and based on high standards of ethics. His practice is at the cutting edge of the field of coaching. That is one of the many reasons we collaborate with him at IICH in France. “

Bertrand Beauregard, Director, Institut International de Coaching Humaniste