The art of skilful living

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Executive and life coach London

For over 6 years, I have been supporting people to live skilfully in a world full of noise. To break through difficult personal challenges that hold them back in work and life. As an executive and life coach in London, I specialise in helping you to find real clarity and confidence in your life. Clarity and confidence that is born out of a deeper understanding of yourself, your circumstances, and the habitual patterns that hold you back. And, that is exactly what I do for myself, in my own life. My approach may sometimes seem challenging, even very challenging, but would you rather discover important truths about yourself, or continue with business as usual? Skilful living in an art and it begins with the courage to look within.

A real partnership

Looking within is thus the wellspring of personal growth, and I aim to be your partner in that process. That is why part of my job involves offering you feedback that even your best friends wouldn’t. Because only by becoming awake to your blind spots do you create the basis for real change.  Otherwise, what’s the point? My coaching is then about digging deep to find real clarity, and moving forward with real confidence. And, I harness the power of going beyond just talking about things to enable this, for linguistic reasoning has its limits.

Cut through the noise

I have worked with people from different walks of life — from artists, bankers, teachers and start-up founders, to gym instructors and priests. What I offer, above all else, is the opportunity to cut through the noise, in a world so full of it.  A world that so often tells you that you are failing, or not good enough. A world obsessed with bogus ideas of achievement that put ‘success’ outside of you. When true success comes from wisdom and clarity within. And, that is what I hope to support you to find in your life. Read about the experiences of those who have worked with me.

I’ll give everything. Will you?

My ‘hold-nothing-back’ approach to coaching draws upon all my life experiences and skills — as an experienced coach, professional investor, musician, student of martial arts, and general seeker of the ‘truth’. My goal is to use my whole-self to help you make the best of yourself. To support you to (i) more deeply understand your inner and outer worlds, and (ii) find the courage to act on such understanding and move forward. 

I strongly believe in the vast human potential that is in us all. That is why I offer 1:1 executive coaching and life coaching in London, both face-to-face and through video. Of course, all this also calls on YOU to dare to dig deep, for it takes two hands to clap! Book a consultation if you are ready to go further.

Machine Ego — Tragedy of the Modern Mind

My new book explores fundamental questions around human discontentment and unhappiness in modernity. How, gradually, we have fallen into a machine-like existence that is full of self-doubt and inner tension. Tension that is undermining the very basis of our humanness. Available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon in 13 countries!

Executive and life coach London reviews

“What I love about Harsha’s approach is that he accepts his clients as they are with no judgement.

The way that he works and the questions he asks have helped me find insights about myself that I may not have been able to do otherwise.”

Priyanka Gupta
Head of Corporate Development and M&A, De La Rue

“Harsha helped me find clarity and insight into my own personal blockers.

His coaching style provided the space to find solutions that were a natural fit to my own personal style, making it easier to adopt new approaches to old problems, ultimately helping me form more successful habits.”

Ben Ient
Co-founder and Head of Product Design, Seatfrog