Incisive coaching to give you clarity,
confidence and focus

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Executive and Life Coaching

I am an executive and life coach based in London and I strongly believe in the inherent human potential that is within us all. My aim is to empower you to find more clarity, confidence and focus in your life. To help you unlock your true potential and find fulfilment in life and work. Whether you feel stuck and dissatisfied in your career, or with something in your personal life, executive and life coaching can create powerful change and help you find a path forward.

What I Offer

I take a holistic approach to coaching and draw inspiration from a wide range of life experiences, including: a career as a professional investor, being a musician, martial arts and mindfulness practice. What I offer above all else, is the opportunity to cut through the noise, in a world that is so full of it. Experience has shown me that personal change can be quick and I offer 1:1 executive coaching and life coaching to those who dare to challenge themselves to look deeper. I also offer coaching through Skype. Book a free consultation to find out how coaching can help you.

“Harsha helped me gain the confidence to leave the career I was unhappy with and gave me the courage to start my own business. He is very true to his word and gives it to you the way it is.

I recommend Harsha to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their life.”

Jacob Reyf, Founder,

“I found my sessions with Harsha tremendously helpful. I felt heard, understood and always came away with clarity of knowing exactly what I needed to do.

With his guidance, I managed to find clear direction of where I needed to focus.”

Punu Wasage, Wealth Management