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I am an executive and life coach in London. For over 5 years, I have supported people to live better, to break through the personal challenges that hold them back. My coaching is about enabling an inner state — a state of real clarity and confidence. My approach may sometimes seem challenging, even very challenging, but would you rather discover important truths about yourself or continue with business as usual? Personal growth begins with daring to really look within, and I aim to be your partner in that process. That is why part of my job involves offering you feedback that even your best friends wouldn’t. For, only by becoming awake to your blind spots do you create the basis for real change.  

I have worked with people from different walks of life — from artists, bankers and start-up founders, to gym instructors and priests. What I offer, above all else, is the opportunity to cut through the noise, in a world so full of it.  A world that so often tells us that we are not good enough. A world of external achievement that puts ‘success’ outside of us, when true success comes from wisdom and clarity within. And, that is what I hope to support you to find in your life.

I’ll give everything. Will you?

My holistic approach to coaching draws upon all my life experiences and skills — as a coach, professional investor, musician, martial arts practitioner, author and general seeker of the ‘truth’. My goal is to use my whole-being to help you make the best of yourself. To support you to (i) more deeply understand your inner-world as a person and (ii) better deal with the complexity of the outer-world. And, the two are very connected. I strongly believe in the vast human potential that is in us all. That is why I offer 1:1 executive coaching and life coaching in London, both face-to-face and through video Book a consultation to find out how coaching can help you.

Machine Ego — Tragedy of the Modern Mind

My new book explores fundamental questions around human discontentment and unhappiness in modernity. How, gradually, we have fallen into a machine-like existence that is full of self-doubt and inner tension. Tension that is undermining the very basis of our humanness. Available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon in 13 countries!

Life Coaching London Reviews

“What I love about Harsha’s approach is that he accepts his clients as they are with no judgement.

The way that he works and the questions he asks have helped me find insights about myself that I may not have been able to do otherwise.”

Priyanka Gupta
Head of Corporate Development and M&A, De La Rue

“Harsha is an outstanding coach. His work is profoundly human and based on high standards of ethics. His practice is at the cutting edge of the field of coaching.

That is one of the many reasons we collaborate with him at IICH in France. “

Bertrand Beauregard,
Director, Institut International de Coaching Humanist