Coaching supervision that goes further

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Coaching supervision 

Stuck with a coaching client? Starting out as an executive or life coach? Or, simply want to deepen your practice? I offer coaching supervision in person in London and through Skype worldwide. 

What I offer

Supervision is an opportunity to delve deeper into your practice as a coach and to resource yourself on this (hopefully) lifelong path — to: 

– Develop your internal ‘stance’
– Uncover blind spots
– Understand personal triggers
– Find your authentic style
– Learn new ideas and techniques

Similar to the way I coach, I bring my whole self to the table as a supervisor. In addition to reflecting on your practice, sharing ideas from different disciplines and my own experiences as a coach is integral to how I work as a supervisor. Relying only on “conventional coaching wisdom” is the quick road to mediocrity. There is much to be learnt from other disciplines whether the creative arts, psychotherapy or complex systems theory. We must reach far and wide and into the present and past for wisdom, if we are to better serve our clients in our privileged roles as coaches.

Going further

For me, being a coach is a way of life that involves a deep commitment to working on myself, and to exploring what it means to be human in our complex modern world. And, it is from such a place that I offer supervision. My coaching supervision does not follow some tick-the-box methodology that is very likely to be limiting. It is not for those who are looking for a superficial certification of “I am getting supervision”. The coaching supervision I offer is about exploring the depths of who you are and how you practice.

In this privileged role, I seek to draw upon all that is available to me to challenge and support you — to share and learn. I seek to offer a true partnership focused on deepening your practice, but not one that is austere. If we cannot laugh and share light hearted moments, how boring that would be!

Get in touch if you are willing to look deeper, to go a little further and to have a laugh or two along the way.