No method, beyond words.
A fresh approach to executive and life coaching

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A process of discovery and change

I have been empowering people to find more clarity and confidence in their lives through coaching for 8 years now. The way I coach has two important sides to it — discovery and change — and they are very connected. Discovery is about deeper understanding, really getting to the bottom of things. It is about figuring out the key parts of the puzzle, what truly matters to YOU, and what hidden beliefs and behaviour patterns hold you back in what you want to do.   

And, this applies whether you are trying to make a difficult decision, say to stay in or leave a job or a relationship. Or, whether you are trying to break free of general discontentment and anxiety in your life. In all these cases, discovery is a process of getting to the heart of things.  What we are always looking for is real clarity. Clarity that becomes the enabler of change. For, you can’t expect to take effective action if you aren’t really clear about what is going on. 

That brings us to the second aspect of coaching — change. Sometimes, discovery alone may be enough for you to find a path forward, as it has been for many I have worked with. At other times, change can feel difficult, particularly when we are dealing with old habits and beliefs that are sticky. Here, discovery is the necessary first step and practice may be needed before you can fully embody change. So, a big part of my work also involves supporting you to find the courage to go beyond your comfort zone. Read the stories of others who have benefited from coaching.

The secret of success

I offer 1:1 executive coaching and life coaching in a number of different areas, but chasing mainstream ‘success’ is not one of them. True success is not about ‘achievement’ and external validation. It is rather about an inner state of how you engage with life and work. Success is not something out-there to be reached, it is something within you. At least, this is my belief. If ‘achievement’ and status are what your heart desires, then I am probably not the right coach for you. Mainstream success might certainly come as a byproduct of the work we do, but that is not my focus.

I want to be very clear, I am not averse to supporting people navigate commercial and organisational realities. On the contrary — that is an important part of what I offer because that is what living in the real world is about. I spent a decade in a shark tank as a professional investor. I know the deal and I certainly draw upon my significant business experience when I coach. It’s just that I don’t believe fulfilment lies at the top of some status ladder, career or otherwise. What I am averse to, is promoting the widespread false narrative that pins success and self-worth to arbitrary external validation.

No method, beyond words — A fresh approach to executive and life coaching

I don’t subscribe to any particular method as a coach. In fact, I am anti the idea of restricting myself to any one thing. My holistic approach to executive and life coaching draws upon all my experiences and skills — as an investor, martial arts practitioner, musician, entrepreneur, certified  coach, family constellator and general seeker of the ‘truth’. My goal is to use my whole-self to help you make the best of yourself.

I also believe in the power of engaging both mind and body, and aim to move beyond simply sitting and talking during coaching sessions. While talking through problems is central to how I work, I also introduce visual and spatial mapping, using objects and physical movement. These tools can often help unlock a fresh perspective, particularly when pure linguistic reasoning has left you feeling stuck.

I view coaching as a partnership built on mutual trust and honesty that allows me to offer challenge, while at the same time being supportive.  Book a free consultation to find out more.

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