Harsha’s new book, Machine Ego, is out!

Available in paperback and on Kindle via Amazon

Machine egoWhy are we humans the way we are? Frequently dissatisfied and discontented. Frequently suffering inside. Desperately trying to control the world in the pursuit of ‘more’. More progress, more success, more whatever! Constantly feeling like we need to prove ourselves. Never quite feeling like we are good enough.

Harsha’s experiences in the world of Finance showed him the dangers of such striving. How success in the conventional sense so often becomes a status trap. How we can so easily be drawn to live in a way that is deeply damaging. Is all this inherent to the human condition? Or, rather a consequence of our modern ways of life?

This book explores if our species accidentally has fallen into a machine-like existence that creates psychological and social fragility. Fragility that undermines our very humanity. Machine Ego is a journey into the nature of the human mind and how the mind has, somewhat counter-intuitively, created a machine world in its own image.

This book was born out of a personal enquiry by the author into how to make sense of life in a complex world. An enquiry that has been greatly enriched by his 1:1 work supporting others as a life coach.

Machine Ego is a bold attempt to connect multiple disciplines and draws upon the author’s eclectic experiences as a professional investor, coach, amateur musician and student of martial arts.

Machine Ego offers a new understanding of what has come to be modern human life.