Find your calling

find your calling

A unique path

Are you disillusioned with your career and looking for more meaning in what you do? If so, the Find Your Calling coaching programme may be for you. Change is never easy, particularly if you’ve been in the same career for many years. Being human, we have a preference for the familiar, a bias towards the safety of the known, so making a fundamental shift in your career can feel difficult. What’s more, you will each have your own unique gifts and constraints that shape your particular situation. And, although some of these might hold you back, it is ultimately the richness of your own personal journey that creates new possibilities for the future. I believe that each one of has something (or things) that we are uniquely attracted to — a calling that deeply inspires. It is just a matter of uncovering it. And, that is what I hope to support you with through this coaching programme.

Find your calling: The programme

The coaching programme includes 3 x 120 minute sessions of one-to-one coaching that support you to:

— Look deeply at where you are today in your work-life
— Understand your values
— Uncover your unique blend of skills and experiences
— Understand what holds you back
— Find the confidence to initiate change

As part of the coaching, I may suggest collecting anonymised feedback from 3-4 persons of your choice who have experienced you in personal and professional contexts. The aim is to uncover important skills and qualities that you might not see in yourself, but that are apparent to others.

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