Coaching for small businesses and founders

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Coaching for small businesses and founders

I offer coaching for small businesses and founders in London and through video. It is no secret that I am very critical of the sterility of big corporate structures, which often dehumanise people to the level of android-like “resources”. As a freelance coach and entrepreneur, myself, I am very committed to supporting people with a real passion for what they do in life!

Growing a small business is no easy task, particularly when things start to move very quickly. Typical areas that founders and entrepreneurs struggle with are:

  • Identifying blind spots
  • Effectively leading a growing team
  • Work-life balance and burn out
  • Navigating challenging professional relationships
  • Breaking free of self-limiting beliefs
  • Building an organisational culture based on core values

I offer 1:1 coaching and team coaching for small businesses and founders in these contexts.

Navigating a complex environment

Another major challenge that faces small businesses and founders is simply how to not-go-bust in an ultra-competitive and complex environment. While a significant part of commercial success is down to randomness and luck, there are still many things we can do to benefit from opportunities when they do come along. The trick is surviving long enough to take advantage of these — what Nassim Taleb calls creating convex outcomes.

When coaching small businesses and founders, I also seek to share time-tested principles of business that I have found to be effective. In short, I seek to draw upon all my business and life experiences to support you to keep doing the work that you love!

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Harsha helped me find clarity and insight into my own personal blockers. His coaching style provided the space in our sessions to find solutions and ways forward that were a natural fit to my own personal style, making it easier to adopt new approaches to old problems, ultimately helping me form more successful habits. 

Ben Ient

Co-founder and Head of Product Design, Seatfrog