What is life coaching?

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Coaching belongs to a long tradition

Coaching belongs to a long dialogic tradition going back thousands of years, from Socrates to Chuang Tzu. It has much in common with age-old practices of seeking counsel from the go-to person in the village when you’ve got a problem. And, there is a reason that these practices have lived-on across different cultures.

We, humans, tend to think and reason better when engaging in a dialogic process. A process of exploring and uncovering, supported by questions and observations from others. And, this is most powerful when the dialogue is with someone experienced and skilled in its art. The art of enabling insight into complex human issues. One can get as creative as one wants in coaching, but that is the core of it. 

What is life coaching?

Following in this tradition, life coaching for me is about supporting you in a process of discovery and change. About deepening an awareness of both yourself and your world. Your thoughts, deeper beliefs and the very focus of your life. It is about empowering you to find more clarity and confidence. In short, it is about living well — with inner freedom.

The various narratives that we are exposed to from the day we are born can so easily leave us confused. Confused about what to do, how to live, and about what is really important to us. Caught on the treadmill of urban work-life, you may spend years, even decades unconsciously going through the motions. Without a second thought to the meaning of what you are doing.

Personal mastery

Life coaching is about pausing. It is about taking a long hard look at yourself with the support of a practitioner. If Coronavrius has taught as anything, it is how fragile our global socio-economic systems are. Being all around us, these systems inevitably draw us in and affect how we feel about ourselves. But, waiting for the system to change is not a sensible strategy. It puts your agency outside of you and leaves you at the mercy of societal forces.

We cannot be completely immune to the complexities and difficulties of modern life, however we can certainly empower ourselves to better deal with them. To develop personal mastery in a world full of noise. That is where life coaching can be of use.

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I offer 1:1 coaching in person and through video on a range of different life concerns. I aim to draw upon all my skills and experiences to help you make the best of yourself. My approach is uniquely sculpted to your circumstances. I do not follow a singular method or technique because there exists no one method that can claim primacy over others.

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