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Benefits of executive coaching and life coaching 
benefits of executive coaching

Harsha brings intelligence, humour, insight, awareness of self and others, and an engaging and motivating personality to the role of coach. My work with him has helped me uncover my own awareness and develop strategies to support my engagement in work and life in general.

Jan Dicks

Harsha helped me find clarity and insight into my own personal blockers. His coaching style provided the space in our sessions to find solutions and ways forward that were a natural fit to my own personal style, making it easier to adopt new approaches to old problems, ultimately helping me form more successful habits. 

Ben Ient
Co-founder and Head of Product Design, Seatfrog

Harsha for me was the right balance of life and career coaching.  He helped me to think of things from a completely different perspective than I’m used to.

Nicole Sue Low Chee
Head of Digital Marketing, VTEX

Harsha is an outstanding coach. His work is profoundly human and based on high standards of ethics. His practice is at the cutting edge of the field of coaching. That is one of the many reasons we collaborate with him at IICH in France.

Bertrand Beauregard
Director, Institut International de Coaching Humaniste (IICH)

I found my sessions with Harsha tremendously helpful. I felt heard, understood and always came away with clarity of knowing exactly what I needed to do.

With his guidance, I managed to find clear direction of where I needed to focus.

Punu Wasage
Wealth Management

It’s not easy finding someone you can relate to that can help you through difficult career situations. I was lucky enough to stumble upon an article Harsha wrote that spoke about choosing a coach that is right for you. I decided to give it a shot and haven’t looked back since.

Since our initial call, Harsha helped me gain the confidence to leave the career I was unhappy with and gave me the courage to start my own business. Harsha is very true to his word and gives it to you the way it is, which is the most important quality in a coach.

I recommend Harsha to anyone who is looking to make a positive change to their life.

Jacob Reyf
Founder, Hulq.com

I have had multiple sessions with Harsha both on personal leadership (letting go of the past, and goal setting) as well as professional development (being more assertive). What I love about Harsha’s approach is that he is very objective and accepts his client as they are with no judgement. This made it easy for me to open up and share my problems in a comfortable way.

The way that he works and the questions he asks have helped me find insights about myself that I may not have been able to do otherwise. The fact that he has a corporate background, and has lived in different countries, gave him a unique perspective on a wide variety of problems that I went to him with.

Priyanka Gupta
Head of Corporate Development and M&A, De La Rue

Harsha is the real deal when it comes to Life Coaching, hands down. Right from the onset/initial consultation, you will understand why he is unique and rather special. I was moved by his personal touch to ensure I was able to afford sessions based on my circumstances – you won’t get this anywhere in London!

Frank Tweneboa

Harsha has a great ability to listen, understand and challenge perceptions. He’s been a great support in bringing clarity to different situations. I also really appreciate his no BS style.

James Moore
Managing Director

Dear Harsha,

Your way of working is ideal for JtoJ and I’m mighty grateful, it’s like alchemy.

I love how you get us to think and share, it’s brilliant and constructive for the organization and very supportive.

Carrie Supple,
Journey to Justice, Director

Harsha is an excellent coach whose methods I use daily. He helped me gain clarity and define my purpose. I would absolutely recommend him. 

The books he recommend have also helped enhance my understanding of the corporate world.

Blessing Danha
Manager, KPMG

I initially sought out a life coach to mull over some career choices at a pivotal time for me. Harsha helped, but more than that he has proved to be a wise counsel and guide.

I have continued to have sessions over the last few years and see them as invaluable. Harsha is intuitive and innovative and I always come away from our sessions with new insights, clarity and space.

Derek Harper


Thank you for providing us with an extremely productive away day. Enjoyed by all, the day was well considered, had pace, structure and ensured everyone, whether they had been with CareTrade from the start or started last week, had a voice and was heard.

Bringing staff and trustees together, the day has formed the platform for building our strategy to take CareTrade forward to the next chapter.

Karen Edwards
Chief Executive, CareTrade

Harsha listens. Really listens, which is something few people do well. Then he asks insightful questions that make you reevaluate and analyse your current situation, and consider it from a different point of view.

‘The onlooker sees the game’, as they say. Running one’s own business, one often gets too tunnel-visioned. Harsha helps you break out of that to look at yourself and/or your business with fresh eyes, to see the bigger picture.

Highly recommended!

Charlie Round-Turner
Owner, CRT Imagery

Harsha puts particular focus on understanding the situation of the client in order to best apply coaching ideas.

Use of props and role play were excellent for conceptualisation and visualisation.

Kofi Kusi
Finance Manager, Eversholt Rail

Hi Harsha,

Just wanted to say thank you for such a positive session yesterday. I felt and still feel energised!

The props as visuals worked well for me and so did the role play. Having to formulate the words and think about the approach was valuable.

Senior Manager
Further Education College

Harsha’s facilitation was both gentle and powerful at the same time.

Highly skilled, he was able to provide concrete, practical solutions. 


Harsha seems to use an inner perception that has a strong influence on his constellation facilitation style.

Quite powerful.