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Harsha Perera 

London life coach

London Life Coach – Harsha Perera

As a London Life Coach, I face the unique challenge of supporting people to navigate a complex modern world. To find a real sense of purpose and meaning in a world that is so full of noise. And, that is exactly what I try to do in my own life. Everything that I offer as a coach is rooted in personal experience and practice.

Empowering yourself

The pace and complexity of urban life means that life coaching must be grounded in reality. The reality of our social and economic systems that influence our choices and our decisions. Any approach that trivialises the difficulties of modern life is in danger of missing the elephant in the room. At the same time, blaming the system for everything removes your agency. It keeps you disempowered.

Whatever the circumstances and the specific constraints of a situation, we always have a choice. And, the most fundamental aspect of choice is how you relate to yourself and the world in these situations. How do you show-up at work, at home or with friends? Are you different in one place and not another?  What is the impact of certain environments on you? Are there themes to how you behave and how you feel? What are the deeper beliefs behind your actions? Is change possible?

Self and the world

I am very interested in the interface between self and the world in my own life. This is why my personal explorations and writings delve into the nature of both the human mind (internal) and empirical reality (external) and their inter-relationship. For, the two are inseparably linked. They go together and we must consider them together.

As a London Life Coach, my goal is to support you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your circumstances. Working with the presenting issue that you bring (e.g. career, personal relationships, self-confidence) we will uncover a wealth of insights about you. Insights that support not only the resolution of the issue, but a sense of inner freedom and contentment within you. But, all this calls on you to dare to look deeper.

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