Peak Performance Coaching 

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Peak Performance Coaching — For elite professionals and sports persons

Do you feel like your performance never quite hits the mark? Are you frustrated with your lack of consistency? Do you find yourself crumbling under pressure even when you know you have the skills to do better? Is the whole experience of ‘performing’ nerve-racking, rather than energising and uplifting? 

I offer peak performance coaching for elite professionals focused on identifying the psychological blocks that stop you from consistently performing at your best. From consistently entering into a state of flow that allows you to fully tap into your capabilities AND enjoy the process. For, why do anything if it doesn’t feel good in your body and mind? 

Once you know the basic nuts and bolts of a skill, what usually gets in the way of high performance is mental interference —unhelpful self-critique and doubt that blocks progress. So, good practice is all about good focus on that which needs focus. And, good focus is the bedrock of peak performance. 

The peak performance coaching I offer is informed by my own life experiences. By the things that have come easily to me (writing, public speaking, facilitation) and the things that I have struggled with and continue to work hard at (heavy metal singing, martial arts, kite surfing). I also understand what it means to be under pressure at the highest level, having worked in a shark-tank for 9 years with billions of dollars on the line.

It’s a mental game 

Working with me is about getting your hands dirty. It is about finding within yourself the courage to look at the inner demons that stop you from simply doing what you already can! I cannot teach you the nuts and bolts of your craft. You already know that (or at least you should). This work is very much a mental game, about going within — whether your craft is racing or hosting a controversial talk show.  

Peak performance coaching can sometimes make people realise that they do not in fact know their craft as well as they thought they did. Many high performers run on raw talent and blind bravado — until they start losing confidence. This is an area different to mental interference and may require you to work with a subject matter expert that is not me.  

The peak performance coaching I offer allows you to gain clarity on where you need to focus more. Is it a lack of clarity on the nuts and bolts of the skill? Is it mental interference? Or, a bit of both?  Let’s find out.

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