Common life coaching problems

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50 Common life coaching problems

The complexity of modern living can create numerous life problems in how we go about our work, home and social lives. Below is a collection of 50 such common life coaching problems along with a few thoughts on how to empower yourself around them. These life coaching topics were born out of 8+ years of supporting others to break through difficulties in their lives. Read the stories of those who have benefited from coaching.

common life coaching problems
common life coaching problems
common life coaching problems
  • Fear of change

  • Feeling let-down by a friend, colleague or partner

  • Staring to avoid what’s important

  • Feeling that your ideas are undervalued at work

  • Struggling with shame

  • Corporate bureacracies making your life miserable

  • Tension and unease entering your life

  • Putting too much pressure on yourself

  • Struggling with finding your passion

  • Voices from your past holding you back

  • Mastering your ego