Systemic Constellations

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What are systemic constellations?

Systemic constellations are a powerful way to surface hidden dynamics in human systems. We can use them in both organisational and personal contexts. Constellations work by spatially mapping your issue in a way that shows what is hidden and unsaid. As such, systemic constellations aim to create greater clarity into what lies beneath the surface. From such a place of clarity, you can then explore how to move forward — to break through and allow healing.

Types of constellations

Systemic constellations fall into two main types: Family constellations and organisational constellations. Family constellations focus on identifying and healing difficulties in the family. For example, to do with parents, siblings or extended family members. Often, they reveal events from the past, perhaps from childhood, that continue to have an impact in your life today. Organisational constellations, on the other hand, are more about uncovering and resolving difficulties in the work place, but they too may have roots in the past.

For, things are rarely clear cut in real life and often do not fit neatly into either a ‘work’ or ‘family’ box. Indeed, you may find yourself repeating what happens in your family in the workplace too! So, figuring out what is going on in one place, has a positive effect in the other. Ultimately, a constellation can be used to explore almost any topic, be it a conflict at work or what stops you from living a fuller life. So, it is hugely flexible in how we can use it. I have used constellations to support people from different walks of life — from artists and bankers to entrepreneurs and priests. 

Beyond words

Systemic constellations work by creating a ‘living map’ of the issue using people —representatives. The magic happens when without any prompting, representatives begin to embody the behaviours of the actual persons that they are representing. Access to such a living map often surfaces yet unseen matters. Matters, which once known, can help you find a path forward. The power of constellations lies in allowing deeper understanding and healing that purely talking about things is unable to create. It’s power is in going beyond words.

One-to-one and via video or telephone

I also offer constellations in a one-to-one setting, using objects rather than people as representatives. This can either be done on a table top, or using a larger floor space (see images below). These approaches also lend themselves surprising well to working remotely, even via telephone. Using telephone, for example, allows you to freely walk around the room and create the map, while communicating using earphones and a mobile phone. I find constellating via telephone to be as powerful as working face to face. And, I generally prefer it to video, because the latter forces us to anchor to the screen. Working with audio only, on the other hand, allows movement using the floor space. It creates a more embodied experience that enables deeper work.

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I have been facilitating constellations for 7 years.  And every time, I am reminded of their power to enable deeper understanding, healing and change. Get in touch to find out more about how you could benefit from using systemic constellations in either a work or family context.