What to expect from a life coaching session
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What to expect from a life coaching session

The coaching I offer is fundamentally about enabling clarity and deeper understanding. Clarity that creates the conditions for a path forward to emerge. So, the short answer to the question “what to expect from a life coaching session” is deeper understanding and discovery. But, what that means for how the session pans out is unique to you and your situation.

Every session is different

I draw upon a range of different ideas and tools when I coach, but I never have a pre-ordained idea of what a session should look like. Rather, my aim is to use everything at my disposal to support you to find real clarity and understanding. So, every coaching session takes on a life of its own driven by your needs. And, this is to be expected because every person and every situation is different.

What I can say about what to expect from a life coaching session is that it rarely involves purely talking. Language has limits when it comes to problem solving and I may suggest other approaches. For example, using visuals, objects and physical movement can allow seeing a problem from a different angle. These non-verbal explorations can surface deeper insights about yourself and the situation that only talking will might never allow.

Each life coaching session is led by you

All life coaching sessions will be led by you with each session centred around a topic that you bring. I always encourage the formulation of question at the beginning of each session. For example, “How can I improve the relationship with my co-workers?” Or, “how can I be more confident in my life?”. The focus of a session may change as we go along . The question serves as a clear starting point to which we can return— a peg on which to hang the coaching.

Still worried about what to expect from a life coaching session?

Remember that there is limit to what can be explained about what to expect from a life coaching session. And, the more complex the thing, the more difficult it is to describe what it actually is. Some things have to be experienced to be fully understood.

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