Playing it safe is what most of us do much of the time. Don’t take risks, don’t stir things up, just play it safe. This is the message of caution that so many of us are conditioned with throughout our lives.


Such caution probably helped our ancestors survive in the harsh wilderness during more dangerous times. And, still today we regularly rely on these abilities to assess risks even in the most routine of tasks. Carefully crossing a busy street, for example!

These seemingly instinctive human tendencies could come at a cost however. If we are not careful, we can allow these in-built tendencies to unconsciously lead us down an unsatisfactory path. A path of physiological survival, but not necessarily one of fulfilment and contentment.

Looking within

playing it safeAs we record another revolution of the earth around the sun, it is as good a moment as any to ask: What am I really doing with my life?

Am I playing it safe in my career, rather than pursuing what I am truly passionate about? Am I playing it safe in my personal relationships, rather than engaging in them with more courage, compassion and openness? Am I creating the life that I want to live? Or, am I merely going through the motions fearful of change?

Playing it safe can easily become an excuse for not deviating from the status quo. An excuse that might compromise on important areas of your life because it keeps you stuck in a familiar comfort zone. A comfort zone that offers perhaps some temporary stability, but ignores the opportunity to bring more inspiration and fulfilment into your world.

Awareness and change

Of course, we will all have our own unique struggles, each shaped by our personal journeys and circumstances that keep us playing safe. But, at least we must dare to ask and acknowledge where we stand. For becoming aware of where you are and what is stopping you is the beginning of choosing where you might go. It is the beginning of possibility and change.

So, I challenge you to ask yourself: “Am I playing it safe?” And, indeed, this is the same question that I now sit with myself.

Wishing us all the courage to seek more fulfilment in 2018. Happy new year!

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