“What would you do if money was of no consequence” is one of those questions that is at the same time light-hearted and profound.

In my days before being a coach, I would sometimes use it as a mildly entertaining dinner party topic, but now I am beginning to increasingly notice how often people are genuinely stumped by this question! I am surprised by how many times I hear the response “honestly, I really don’t know”.

So, why is this such an important question?

For those of us who are lucky enough to have our basic needs of food, shelter etc. met, exploring this question can help open a door to a life of joy and contentment. It can rekindle in us dreams that were once held dearly, but are now forgotten. It can make us search for a yet undiscovered calling.

On the surface, the question is an opportunity for some laughs, but if considered deeply it can lead us to investigate fundamental questions around what we are inspired and energised by. We can often feel held back by circumstances or limiting beliefs around what we think we should or shouldn’t do. Asking ourselves what we would do if we were free from financial constraints allows us to focus on what we truly want to do.

Once we discover what we truly want to do, the next question is “how”? It is undeniable that we will each face our own obstacles and pressures due to our unique circumstances. Nevertheless, at least we will now have a chance. We will have the chance to plan and think and reorganise and make time, if – and it’s a big if – we know what we want. And I can promise you, if you deeply consider and answer this question, you would probably do all of these things.

So, I ask you – what would you do if money was of no consequence?