We are often told not to rock the boat. To let sleeping dogs lie. And, behind such words usually lies the belief that disruption is bad and that nothing good will ever come out of upheaval. So, you might begin to fear disruption even when it is integral to creating something better. You might shy away from engaging with change even when what you really need is to shake things up. This is true of not just personal change, but also of social change.

Seeing what is

rock the boatWe have to realise that the surface presentation of matters may hide from us deeper truths that lie beneath. And, sometimes the only way to see more clearly is to stir things up. To stir the water so that the things lurking beneath are forced to come to the surface. And, this can feel like a disruptive process, particularly if we are stirring-up things within us.

Yet, such momentary uneasiness can be the path to finding a newer, better way of being. It may be unease that we have to embrace.

Creatures of habit

We are also creatures of habit, but these habits do not always allow us to make the best of ourselves. Even when you have stirred things up and rationally recognised that you keep repeating certain unhelpful behaviours, you might still struggle to change.

Part of the problem is that despite rational recognition, we still believe in our old paradigm at a deeper less conscious level. We may still believe that the old way of doing things is superior. Perhaps, this is because of years of having done something a particular way. Perhaps, it is the fear of fully embracing the new and losing what we already have.

Whatever the precise psychological root, the result is resistance. An unsettling feeling of “oh dear, this is scary” when faced with the new. A sense that if you rock the boat, things will fall apart.

Go for it — rock the boat

rock the boatThe more that we  consciously understand what blocks us from engaging in what we want to do, the closer we get to leaving it behind. Yet, resistance and fear may still hold us back. What might support you to break through this is a sort of courageous resolve. One that acknowledges where you are in your life today, and at the same time is willing to have a go, to try out the new!

Be kind to yourself, see that you are working against what might be years of habit. Also consider that the unease of disruption might be a good sign — a sign that you are daring to break through. Remember too that breaking through is a process, one that will vary from person to person and one that will require patience and persistence.

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