Taking responsibility for our choices and our actions is one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves. 

We can sometimes get so bogged down in pointing the finger at the world that we forget to ask, “What am I doing that is stopping me from pursuing what I love?”.

Blame Game

We could blame people, events and even bad luck for not feeling fulfilled in our lives. Or, we can decide to take responsibility and ask ourselves:

“How much of my situation is my doing?”

“What things can I change to bring more joy and contentment into my life?”

“What resources can I access to support me?”

Going beyond

Sometimes, we might even decide to make positive changes in our lives, without wholeheartedly taking responsibility. Thinking that something is a good idea is very different to taking responsibility and actually doing it. This requires courage. It is courage that allows us to break old patterns and venture into new paths.

Sure, external factors will inevitably influence everything we do, but much of this might be beyond our direct control. And, while it is important to understand the various constraints that we might face, it does not serve us to just stop there.

We have to go beyond. And, going beyond starts with taking responsibility.

Your Choice

No one is dealt a perfect hand in life. While it might be easier to complain or blame, it takes guts to look within, dig deep and create the life that you want. It’s your choice.