Sometimes people think they are insulting you, but in your mind it’s actually a compliment. Because the thing they accuse you of, is exactly what you are going for. However, this requires you to be very clear in your mind on if something is an insult or compliment! To know that some insults are compliments in disguise.

Insult or compliment?

Insults are often just an extension of everyday societal pressures that try to mould you to be a certain way. Look, I am not talking about those instances when you are rushing on the street, step on an old lady’s foot and she calls you a @$% for not stopping to check on her. You probably deserved that!

I am talking about those insults aimed at your decisions or way of life that some struggle to understand. The problem is that even when you have actively chosen an action, insults can still sting. We are only human. So, things might need reframing. Reframing by reminding yourself that actually they are compliments and NOT insults. Compliments because it is feedback that what you are doing is working! Because in a sense, it is upsetting those people whom you would expect will be upset. Of course, they don’t get it!

Some insults are compliments in disguise

What we are talking about here is then a kind of defiance. A defiance that comes from belief in yourself and your path. If some people don’t get it, so be it. They may not be ready to understand you, and perhaps they never will. This means that you might also have to let go of any expectation that they will understand someday.

Remember that in the end, you do not deserve to be distracted by them. Remember that some insults are compliments in disguise.


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