Seeking the truth, if there is such a thing as the truth, is:

Not about being right
Not about proving your point
Not about avoiding complexity
Not about greed

Not about winning or losing
Not about virtue signalling
Not about advancing your social status
Not about distorting information to further your agenda

Not about blindly upholding the status quo (nor tearing it down either)
Not about fearing uncertainty
Not about myopic short-termism
Not about self-righteousness

Not about blind belief in authority
Not about social norms
Not about religion
And, certainly not about finding one definitive truth.

Seeking the truth is rather about trying to see reality for what it is, to the extent that is humanly possible. To see what-is, in all its complexity and uncertainty. To investigate, introspect and deeply look, with courage and compassion.

Only then can we begin to change ourselves and our world.

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