Sometimes, we say that we need to do or be certain things. We might say we want to be more “confident”, “productive” or “successful”, for example. Each of these words will have a certain meaning, but what meaning does it carry for you?

Overused words

meaningIt is easy for us to take words that we hear around us and adopt them as aspirations, without due consideration to what they mean for us. For example, the word “confidence” has become associated with so many ideas that it means very different things depending on whom you speak to. Confidence is a common theme for many of my clients and I can tell you that no two people has ever defined it the same way!

Overused words can then create confusion. We can sometimes feel like we are not quite sure about what we want or are seeking. And, that can sometimes be related to not really knowing what we mean by the words we use.

Really knowing

Words are very useful as they provide us with a starting point for exploring what it is that we seek. I say it is a starting point because the words we have in mind might only partially encapsulate their true meaning to us.

By investigating more and asking yourself “what do I really mean” you can begin to access a deeper understanding within yourself. A deeper understanding that is unique to you and what you seek. 

Meaning beyond wordsmeaning

Your investigation might start with using several different words or phrases to describe what your really mean. And, sometimes you might find that words are not enough to really express yourself.

Remember that words themselves can often be inadequate to convey the depth and subtlety of what you truly mean. If so, use pictures, objects, sounds or even act it out if it helps. Use whatever tools available to you to get to the bottom of what you mean.

Final thoughts

The common understanding of the words we use might not accurately reflect how we truly feel and what we truly mean, And, if we are not clear about this for ourselves, we risk not really understanding what we want and ultimately not understanding ourselves.

Pay attention to the words that you use to describe your aspirations and dreams. The more deeply you understand them, the more direction you will create in your life.

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