There often exists a gap between insight and action. Seeing the remedy does not automatically translate into implementing it. Particularly, in the realm of personal change. Sometimes, that’s because the status quo is comfortable, a place of habit. Sometimes though, it might be because we just don’t remember to action our insights. 

Why don’t we remember?

This begs the question: Why don’t we remember? Or rather, why do we forget? Is it just a case of poor memory? May be. But, chances are, it is really because we fear something. And, I am not just referring to fear of the unknown. That almost goes without saying. I am talking about something more.

Perhaps the insight has brought you face-to-face with something that you find deeply confronting. For example, a particular aspect of your character that you repress. And, while you may have had the insight of: “yes, it is something I do”, you may still prefer not to dwell on it. Because it feels like an inconvenient truth.

Something you wished wasn’t true. Something you might fear the consequences of taking the lid off because of what it might bring. So, we stick with our usual ways. We deny it. Because it feels safer and far less confronting to do so. But, this just keeps us stuck where we already are. gap between insight and action

Remembering why we forget

Remembering that we are prone to forget our insights is then the starting point.  Next, it is about really investigating what it is that we are afraid of that causes us to forget. The more deeply you explore what you are avoiding and why, the more likely you are to integrate and action insights about yourself.

Having insights is great. But, if you really want to close the gap between insight and action, it takes the courage to really self-reflect and see what is going on within you. To observe and acknowledge what is uncomfortable.

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