We like to predict the future based on what we already know and what we have experienced. This means that there will always be naysayers to challenge anything that is new and unknown. Indeed in some cases, often in the short-term, history may be the best predictor of the future. But the short term does not last forever.

Beyond the short-termism of naysayers

Anything worthwhile that has brought about lasting change has always been met with opposition or disbelief. This is true of technological, social and even personal change. People resisted the idea that the earth is not flat at first and the suffragette movement was once ignored, before it became an undeniable question of fairness.

This is because people generally find it hard to conceive of anything that they don’t fully understand. Our minds find it difficult to see beyond what is simply in front of it. And often the naysayers will then discourage those with new and different ideas from progressing them.

Try in order to find out

Whether it is a new business venture, creative pursuit, social cause or personal change initiative, it is up to you to advance it if you believe in it. The success of any bold initiative is impossible to predict. If we wholeheartedly immerse ourselves in it however, we give ourselves a fighting chance. It begins with you.

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